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Many businesses have a page dedicated to testimonials and reviews but it is often impossible to verify the source or to truly know if customers actually wrote them. Here at Nexus Property Management™ we strive to provide an exceptional service and a great value for our clients. While we do receive positive testimonials, comments, and letters from our owners and tenants on a regular basis, we choose not to cut and paste them on a page and expect prospective clients to assume they are authentic. Instead we have provided easy access to what our clients and customers are saying on the top review websites across the web with the links below as well as an automated feed from those review sites. We are proud to display our reviews along with the links below and we look forward to hearing from you!






Nexus Feedback

Nexus managed our properties prior to our opening our own PM company. Though we are now competitors, we maintain a great relationship with Greg, Nick, and co. We respect the work they do and service they provide. They are knowledgeable, professional, and helpful, even to a rival business, which speaks to their character and confidence in what they do. - Josh Hennessy

25 Feb 2021

24 Feb 2021

I was looking into leasing property 279 Ware St, Mansfield MA. It seems like a beautiful property from the photos and videos. When inquiring about the property, I was contacted immediately by Mikalai. He asked all the typical questions for rental properties but he seemed too direct/aggressive through text so I requested a phone call to see if the tone would change. I did ask if the owner was interested in a rent to own contract, but he stated that it was too premature to discuss that. I understood what he was saying but when I asked if we could make sure we talk with the owner, our conversation got aggressive. I’m not sure how this management company works, but I’ve always spoken directly with the owners for long term leases to make sure we understand expectations from both parties. I was completely turned off by my interaction with Mikalai and it’s a shame because we were very excited about this possible rental.

24 Feb 2021
Response from the owner:

Hello Ariel, and thank you for your honest feedback. As I mentioned during our conversation, the right candidates will absolutely be able to talk to the owner directly but only after completing certain steps in an application process. Thank you

The Greg & Nick are great people to work with and do business. Very professional and knowledgeable in property management.

20 Feb 2021

Thank You Tom, Nexus Property management is blessed to have a A hard working professional maintenance man like you.

18 Feb 2021

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