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Many businesses have a page dedicated to testimonials and reviews but it is often impossible to verify the source or to truly know if customers actually wrote them. Here at Nexus Property Management™ we strive to provide an exceptional service and a great value for our clients. While we do receive positive testimonials, comments, and letters from our owners and tenants on a regular basis, we choose not to cut and paste them on a page and expect prospective clients to assume they are authentic. Instead we have provided easy access to what our clients and customers are saying on the top review websites across the web with the links below as well as an automated feed from those review sites. We are proud to display our reviews along with the links below and we look forward to hearing from you!






Nexus Feedback

Tom is the best maintenance man for Nexus property management..hands down ..He is professional and gets the job done on a timely manner.

18 Feb 2021

Professional, responsive, forward thinking, follows through, personable and great to work with. Hihhly recommended!

09 Feb 2021

20 Jan 2021

It's been great working with Greg. He is very professional, responsive, and focused.

20 Jan 2021

Greg is one of the most authentic and compassionate people I have had the privilege of getting to know. As a young, energetic, and purpose driven millennial, I wanted to learn more about how to pod cast and create a youtube channel. After seeing greg's ri spot light and the first few episodes, as well as his humorous not nice greg rice bits- I decided to reach out and see if he would be kind enough to share some advice to someone who was was looking to start her own podcast/ channel series. He did more then just give me advice.... he invited me to meet him at his office and spent over 2 hours answering questions, sharing stories, and listening to my ideas and passions. He then asked if he could interview me for his spot light episode as a newbee who was just starting their career. Obviously he will be on an episode of the passion project- my new youtube channel series where we will get to interview him and find out his story. The story of greg rice and who/how he came to be the greg we all know and love at nexus property management. Thank you greg for being the extra bit of support and validation i needed to be confident enough to start the journey of the passion project with don. You have truly made and impact in my life - so there is no doubt in my mind that you will 100% make an impact, of some kind, in your client's. making an impact while making an income #gregrice Be Great, Em

13 Jan 2021

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